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Summer of Hope - YA Contemporary
FIVE STAR rating on Amazon

Now available for download or in print through Amazon.com.

After her twin brother’s death, sixteen-year-old Callie shuts down. Forced to go to her family’s summer beach house, she resolves to erase the pain any way she can. Enter the "Perfect’s”—the Gold Card group of girls who offer escape in the form of parties, booze and boys. 
 Things change when she meets Ethan. After a major case of mistaken identity, Callie does her best to convince herself she couldn't care less if Ethan looks like he just stepped out of a magazine and is completely adorkable to boot. Despite trying to keep her distance, Callie is drawn to his sweet ways and sexy smile. She falls hard—but her world comes crashing down when she discovers he's been hiding a secret that could change everything. Ethan came to the beach to escape, to live without the label. Because his label... is the kid with Hodgkin's disease. 

Callie is left with the choice of standing by Ethan's side and watching another person she loves die, or running and abandoning the one person who helped her to believe in love again. Fight or flight? Callie’s decision ends up putting her own life in danger, and changes the lives of everyone around her, forever.

Summer of Secrets - YA Contemporary
Now available through Amazon.com

Seventeen-year-old Shay Wilde appears to have it all--perfect
All-American good looks, perfect Gold Card family, perfect quarterback boyfriend. But it’s all a perfect lie.

 Shay has secrets that no one is aware exist. Once confident and self-assured, she now jumps if a guy stares too long, and hides her new best friends in a Midol bottle and her nightstand drawer. She can't tell anyone what happened that day eight months ago. Plus, she's convinced her mom never wanted her, and Daddy spends all of his time oblivious to what's happening by hopping flights that will keep him out of the house, leaving her feeling alone with no way out of her pain.

When it seems she may have finally captured the attention of her longtime crush, Zane, the one boy who's different from the rest of the party crew around her, she begins to re-evaluate some of her choices. But looking in the mirror is more difficult than she thought it would be with demons from her past staring back at her. During an impromptu road trip to the middle of nowhere, Shay is forced to decide if she is willing to let go of the past…or allow it to destroy her future chance at love and forgiveness. 

Crush - YA Contemporary (Thriller) - WIP 
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