Why do you want to get your Pitch On?

Let's face it, writing queries is probably the part of this entire process that makes most of us want to scream, pull our hair out, and run to the hills slobbering like a rabid dog that's been shot. Pitching our manuscript is in some ways more difficult than writing the damn thing in the first place.

We need to sound confident, and alluring, and entice the agent that they will just die if they don't read our book! All in about 250 words.

Well, that's where having people to help you polish that pitch comes in. And, in this case, you have even less chance to be spouting the wonderful-ness of your book. (yes, I know that's isn't a word...go with me here.)

Because in PitchOn, you don't have that many words. I know...ahhhhhhhh!
So here  you are. Trying madly to figure out how to make someone else see that your manuscript is fabulous...that it's worth reading...that they want it. You're becoming desperate. You just want to run away or run to them begging them to please, please, for the love of all that is holy and good just read it and take you on.


But you can't do that. It would probably look unprofessional. And it may land you in a mental institution for evaluation. So, you are back to figuring out what to say. And in the case of  PitchOn, you've only got 50-75 words.Which can feel rather daunting.


Which isn't actually a good feeling obviously. But then, you hear angels singing! Others are there to help you make your pitch all sparkly and beautiful! Oh it's wonderful! You work together, they give you advice, you make a few tweaks and adjustments and sit back and say "Oh yes, I do in fact rock."


And that my friends, is why you want to get your PitchOn. ;-) 
Details coming this Monday on how to submit your pitch!

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