PitMad is pure madness (in the best possible way!)

So okay. It's been forever since I've posted on here. I know, bad Jodie. So what brings me back you might ask? #PitMad on Twitter. PitMad is an amazing opportunity for writers to pitch their completed ms to a bevy of fantastic agents. So, if you aren't already on board...jump on! I've heard a lot of writers snagged their dream agent during last year's pitch party!

I am pitching three (yes, three) of my manuscripts on there today. The Girlfriend Request, Summer of Hope, and Summer of Secrets.

Queries for each can be found after the jump for anyone interested!

One click. That's all it will take for sixteen-year-old Emma to get the boy next door, her longtime crush and confidante. But when her interwebs of lies lead to a catfish fiasco, she has to decide if losing his friendship is worth the bait.
Emma and Eli have been friends from the first day she moved into her new neighborhood, when he shared his treasured Gobstoppers and cute smile with her. After ten years of crushing on him in silence, she finally has a plan to make him realize she is more than just buddy material. Like, way more. Even though her best friend thinks she's headed for a train wreck, Emma is convinced that creating a fake Facebook profile to lure Eli in will be the perfect solution to her problem. Wrong.
As the whole scheme begins to blow up in her face, Emma finds herself with a college guy competing for her attention, the school Queenie out for blood, and is no closer to getting the guy. The way things are going, she runs the risk of not only losing her shot at girlfriend status, but Eli's friendship as well. Emma must choose if she is willing to do what is right, even if it means she may have to throw back her chance at love.
Complete at 62,000 words, THE GIRLFRIEND REQUEST is a YA Contemporary novel that would appeal to those who enjoy reading Stephanie Perkins or Sarah Dessen. I have my B.S. in Secondary Education – English from Penn State University, and am currently pursuing my M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. My work has been published in “Everywhere” magazine and I was a contracted “Featured Storyteller” for StoryofMyLife.com; where I interviewed and wrote about various people in music, business, sports, and more. I live in a barely there blip of a town with my teenage daughter. 


When sixteen-year-old Callie witnesses her twin brother’s death, she begins to shut down. Jamie wasn't just her brother; he was also her best friend. Callie is forced by her parents to return to their summer home in Cape May for the first time since Jamie's death, and as a result is convinced they don't care about Jamie's memory or her feelings. Upon arrival in her once-favorite beach town, she puts "plan self-destruct" into action. Hanging out with “The Perfects”, a group of girls who have it all—perfect hair, perfect clothes, and perfect boyfriends, propels her into the party circuit and farther away from her family and once strong faith. 

Callie meets the new neighbor, Ethan, and almost against her will finds herself drawn to his good nature and sexy smile. She finds herself falling for him in a big way---until she realizes he's hiding a secret that will change everything. Ethan came to the beach to escape., to live without the label. Because his label is the kid with Hodgkin's disease.

Unable to deal with Ethan's confession, she does what she does best – take flight. Callie's decision leads her to places she never saw coming, including a visit from her brother, Jamie. She must eventually choose if she is strong enough to face her fears, or give in to the darkness.


Summer following junior year is supposed to be a time for carefree fun with friends. Except Shay’s best friends have become the pills she hides in a Midol bottle and the razors she keeps in her nightstand drawer. 

Until the night at the boardwalk when Shay reconnects with the one guy that just might be different from the rest of the party crew around her. With his amazing eyes and sexy smile, Zane is genuine in a way she has never known, and he makes Shay almost believe that she's as perfect as she pretends to be. In just a few weeks' time, Shay finds herself baring more and more of her secrets to the one person who seems like he truly cares.

But there are some secrets that are too deep to reveal, as are the scars those secrets left behind. Unwilling to trust her heart, Shay runs. With enough distance and pills, anything can be erased. But habits die hard and if Shay doesn't get it together soon, she may just do enough damage to not only ruin her chance at love, but also end her life.


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