A day in the life of a writer

As a writer, each day brings different challenges and emotions. One day you are on top of the world, finished writing a killer scene that is sure to bring your readers to their knees. The next? That same scene sucks and you don't know why you ever thought any differently.

You may receive a (GASP!) full request from your dream agent. The next, the ever-fun "Thank you but this just isn't for me" rejection.

If this sounds all too familiar, don't fret. Trust me, we've ALL been there. Writings a tough job--you have to be dedicated and sometimes have skin as thick as a kick ass steak. But it's worth it. When you nail the scene, when your CP tells you, "OMG I LOVE IT!", when you see fellow writers making THE ANNOUNCEMENT---you know....this is what you were born to do.


Don't even think about it. Follow your dream, follow your heart, FOLLOW YOUR PASSION.

And keep on writing.

Last night on Twitter, I asked some writers to give me a ONE WORD description of their writing this past week. Some of their responses:

"One word? That's like the most evil synopsis ever! Okay..."vacation." ;) I still managed to draft a bit, but zero pressure." ~ @LauraRueckert
(Personally, I consider ANY synopsis evil...but that's just me.)

" A word to describe my writing this week: EDITING. A/Fantasy,YA/F with supernatural elements."
"Also, WAITING because I have queries/requests out I'm waiting to hear back on."  ~ @Kathleea
(We can all relate to this one, am I right??)

"Heartbroken" ~ @ShainByrd
(He tells me his poor darlings are heartbroken. He is a mad, evil, genius! bwuahaha) =)

"Sluggish" ~ @ScarlettKol
(Oh....I've been there alright!)

"Frenzied!" ~ @RamiMcShane
(Been there too!) =)

"Tweaking" ~ @jabloczynski    
(This one made a few of us pause at first) ;-)

"Creepy" ~ @KathleenPalm
(Love it!)

"Resurrected" ~ @LucasMight
(Love it double!)

"Sporadic" ~ @AnotherShoe
(Soooo been there.)

And my ever-favorite...
"Research" ~ @CareyTorg
(I'm personally convinced I'm on an NSA watchlist based on mine.)

So, if you've ever felt like any of the above fabulous writers....you're in good company! (And btw, you should follow each of them. They are AWESOME.

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