Writing Resources

There are so many great writing resources available out there. This page lists a few that I've found especially helpful.

QueryTracker – I absolute love this site, even factoring in the cost if you go with the premium membership. You can look up agents who represent your genre, keep track of who you've queried and any responses, and more.  Plus, you can read comments from other writers who have/are querying any specific agent.

Publishers’ Marketplace –This site lets you see an agent’s reported sales, what genres and types of stories they’ve sold, what houses they sell to.  An agent may say they want a particular genre, but if they’re never sold it, this could be a red flag for you. Note, it is kind of pricey.

AbsoluteWrite –This is the place to go to read about other people's experiences with an agent.Not sure an agent is on the up and up? Check here first.

Query Sign Submit - Interviews with agents, authors, and publishers.

Want to know how long your manuscript should be? Check out this post written by Chuck Sambuchino on WD addressing this very question.

Writer's Write offers some excellent tips on writing body language. Helps with the whole "show don't tell thing."

Here is a GREAT blog post by Marissa Meyer on how to write the dreaded synopsis.

*More to Come Soon