Pitch On workshop - Destiny

Name: Chrissi Barr
Country of residence: Australia
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Word-count: 94,000

Pitch: Sixteen-year-old Clara Kavanagh learns that the dead still love after destiny is changed, and her family is killed by a wraith within days of returning to their Irish ancestral home. Fueled with courage from her lost family Clara crosses into the afterlife, and sets out, with ghosts of Ireland’s past, to restore mankind’s destiny only to find out that restoring destiny may result in her own death.

Pitch On workshop - Memories of Me

Name: Talynn Lynn
Country of Residence: United States
Title: Memories of Me
Genre: YA Fantasy mash-up of a fairy tale and a myth
Word-count: 70,000
Pitch: For her sixteenth birthday, River learned to erase memories of those with tormented pasts. She writes them in an animated Memory Book, but the memories come alive through her. When terrifying memories cloud her mind, River must find a way to terminate the Book before it wipes out her real identity. She learns some memories are made to live over and over again but some memories are best forgotten.

Pitch On Workshop Begins!

Today is the day folks. It's finally time to start priming to Get Your Pitch On! As I've mentioned previously, Get Your Pitch On is going to be a super chance for any YA writers that would like to be able to skip right on over the slush pile and have their pitch seen directly by an editor. The event is being put together by  YAtopia and Down Under Wonderings, and is happening October 15th.

But, before that, we wanted to give you a chance to get those pitches all sparkly-like. Thus, the Pitch-On workshop.