Top 5 Reasons I love writing Contemporary YA Romance

There are all kinds of books out there, a genre to fit just about any taste imaginable, and I love reading several. When I first starting writing, I was pulled immediately to writing YA Contemporary Romance, and through the years I've had some people ask me what drew me to this genre. After all, I'm well out of my teen years, and yet this genre is most definitely one of my favorites. So what makes it so special?

5. I get to create a cast of characters going through some of the most pivotal years of their lives. It can be argued that the high school years deserve their own circle in Dante's Hell. Just about everyone who has attended high school can look back and remember the great times with friends, and the heartaches and tears locked in a bathroom stall when the boy you like asked someone else to dance. These years are real. They mold us into who we will become, even if at the time it just seems like days and days of drama, homework, zits breaking out at the most unfortunate time, and parents who just don't get us.

4. The young adult years are a plethora of firsts---first love, first kisses, first time asserting real independence, possibly first time making some choices that your parents aren't aware of, like drinking, or having sex. It's when teens start to discover who they are and who they want to be one day. Writing about characters going through all of these firsts can be fun, heartbreaking and exciting, sometimes all in the same chapter--just like it is for real teens experiencing it. Very often, the characters lead me in places that I wasn't at all expecting--again, just like real teenagers. And I love that!

3. I get to relive all of those firsts through my characters. Who doesn't love the giddy, butterflies in your stomach feeling when you are around that guy or girl you've been crushing on for weeks? Or what about when they finally notice you and sparks fly? Or when you just know they are about to kiss you...you can see something shift and change in their eyes, and they lean in with excruciatingly delicious slowness. It's totally selfish for me in this aspect--because I adore reliving all of the highs and even the lows of teen years. And on top of that, I can call watching shows like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, or Dawson's Creek research. ;-)

2. I love being a part of the writing community that is helping to show that YA Contemporary Romance isn't a genre that is "trivial" or "not important." Because it is! It's real life. It can be raw and tackle some tough issues right along with the romance aspect. YA Contemporary can address things like bullying, mental health issues, self-esteem, eating disorders, or drugs and alcohol use all while allowing the reader to see different sides of the characters. Characters dealing with these things have friends, family, and yes...romance. I love exploring how the different facets of what makes a YA character come together.

1. My favorite part of writing YA Contemporary Romance is the readers. YOU make it so very worthwhile. When I see the book bloggers out there writing their thoughts about a YA book, or when I hear from a reader either on social media or in an email...I see how smart and sassy and passionate and fun you, the reader, are....and it makes me so proud to write this genre. I am honored to be a part of this writing community. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Keep reading, keep communicating what you like, or what you'd like to see more of. Keep on standing tall and proud and saying "I love reading YA" because you make it so very worthwhile.

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What is YOUR favorite part about reading YA?? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Wishing you love & laughter,


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