Guilty Pleasures

Ahhhh yes. We all have them. We may not all want to admit them, but somewhere ....somewhere....lurks that thing we love to do that we may be just a teeny bit embarrassed to admit. It may be watching back to back episodes of Desperate Housewives all day long in our jammies on a lazy Saturday.  Or dancing around the living room in our bra and underwear to old 80's music pretending to be Madonna (bonus points if you tape some type of pointy contraption to said bra.) Maybe it's indulging in Ben & Jerry's while taking a bubble bath by candlelight after having sent the kids off with hubby for the evening, so you have a few hours of *gasp* quiet time.

Too often we get caught up in the pressures of work, kids, grocery shopping..you know...life---to take time for these little escapes. We shouldn't. We need to make time. Whatever your guilty pleasure, sometimes...you just need them. As for me? Yeah, I've got them too.

The other night I was googling photos to use as a kind of visual incentive for myself for the two main characters in my WIP.  It was fun. Well, especially googling the male character.Yeah, having to check out a ton of hot actors to pick the one I thought fit my character best---it's a tough job...but someone's got to do it. (Did I mention I'm already developing a wee bit of a crush on him? lol)
For the record, this is who I picked. And yes, I know he was in Twilight...but we will forgive him for that.

Meet Zane. He's the total rebel among rich kids at a prep school. Plus, he plays guitar.

Anyway, besides just wanting to ogle Kellen Lutz a little more, there was a point to this that went along with guilty pleasures. (besides looking at him being a guilty pleasure.) 

As I was googling, somehow an ad for Magic Mike popped up and reminded me that I hadn't seen it and really wanted to. So of course, I went and watched the trailer again. Ya know...in support of the arts. Cuz I'm civic-minded like that. And...O.M.G. If you haven't seen that movie, or the trailer, and you are a female, you are truly doing yourself a disservice. It was a little difficult to breathe afterward. Let me tell you, if you need to get in the mindset for particular scenes in your ms...even that trailer should do it. Those boys are smokin'.

So...I've decided that this week, Magic Mike is MY guilty pleasure. And I am absolutely, positively, 100% planning to rent it on Amazon movies the day it comes out. I plan to have a few girlfriends over, buy some wine, sit back, and enjoy the show. MmmmmmHmmmmm. =)

Enjoy ladies....(This is the "It's Raining Men" clip. Oh My.)


  1. I forgive you for ANY pic you post now or in the future of Kellan Lutz/Zane. No apologies necessary. ;)

  2. Google images is great for finding cast for books.

  3. Yes! Like you, I'm so looking forward to seeing Magic Mike. Strangely enough, I couldn't get my husband to go see it with me in the theater. Hmmm. Wonder why? But I have it in my Netflix queue. I have a feeling there's going to be a long wait, though.

    As for your other guilty pleasure - looking for pictures of your characters, and especially they boys? Hey. I call it research. Which means it's work. Which means no guilt allowed. :-D