On Taking the Plunge to Write....

Most of us have thought about it at one time or another in our lives. We've secretly pondered plot lines, scribbled in notebooks and maybe even began typing on our computers. But then we stopped. We were afraid to do more than that. We thought about writing, we dreamed about writing...but we were afraid to actually take that leap of faith into the great unknown and actually do it.

No wonder the old Nike commercial was so spot on. It was brilliant in its simplicity. Three little words conveyed so much. JUST. DO. IT.

Until one day, we dare to turn our dreams into the tiniest whipers of reality. At first, we probably don't tell anyone. We just start typing a little more than we had before. And then, a little more. Then, we start googling. Ahhhh...isn't the internet wonderful? It opens up so many doors. Then suddenly, we discover there is a whole world of people just like us out there.

All typing away....peeking to see if anyone is watching...hoping beyond hope that someone...anyone will like what we've written. Because once we finally really start to let it flow, and open the floodgates to our writing, it is our soul that is released with our words. And that is almost too revealing. We are almost afraid to show it in case someone says, "Wow, you suck."

I know personally, I started my journey years ago, and stopped, thinking, "Where are you ever going to go with this?" After that, I did continue to write, I just didn't continue working on the YA book I had started. I did a lot of freelance work and contract work for different websites, and I did enjoy it. But for whatever reason, something just kept niggling somewhere inside...calling to me. And finally...I knew I had to answer that call.

Even if this whole journey doesn't lead me anywhere but to publishing my E-books and not selling any great number of them (although I admit I hope that isn't the case), I'll still be happy. Because while I am on my journey, the path is rich with all the different people I am meeting, all I am learning, and all I am experiencing. And I am loving doing what I've wanted to do for so long...taking that plunge to write.
photo (c) Jodie Andrefski
~Never Give up Hope~

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