On the madness that is Pitch Wars

Since most of you that read my blog are fellow writers, you've probably heard of Pitch Wars. And if you haven't, what in the world are you waiting for? Run...run, I say...straight over to the fabulous Brenda Drake's blog and read all about it. (You can thank me in cookies. Or cheesecake.)

This is my first year submitting to Pitch Wars.  And I am doing it with a brand new manuscript that I have not queried yet. And let me tell you...at first I was all...

Until I went to the mentor websites and read all about their mighty awesomeness. I mean, mighty awesomeness is a good thing, a great thing even. Unless you have to choose from a list of 75 such awesome mentors, and pick just four to submit to. Yes...FOUR. And seeing all the uber awesome mentors to choose from and knowing I could only select four made me all...

Then, to make it more stressful, I see tweets flying all over the place about the dreaded "S" word.

Ummm, no. No...not that one. SYNOPSIS. 

But, even with the angst of trying to pick just 4 to sub to, and hope they love what you send, and even with the horrible "S" word....I'm still stoked. Because so many writers that managed to snag a mentor in previous years in this contest went on to get an agent.  Which is obviously awesome.

And although I'm sure each mentor's mailbox will be overflowing with hopeful mentees (like me!), 75 mentors each picking one mentee and one alternate is still 150 of us being chosen. Which is really great.

And even if I don't get picked, I know even taking part will be so worthwhile. It's a way to meet fellow writers, to network and to learn from all of the wise suggestions of all those involved.

So, to each of you taking part...good luck...try not to stress too much...and remember, take what you learn, shine up those queries and manuscripts until they are like a magic mirror, and go forth and conquer. You can do it. We can do it.

And when we finally get that offer of representation, it will be SO worthwhile.


  1. When I worked on a synopsis, I looked at examples of ones that worked for other writers, so I could get an idea of what agents were looking for. Good luck!

  2. The publishing crawl website really helped me with my synopsis. http://www.publishingcrawl.com/2012/04/17/how-to-write-a-1-page-synopsis/

  3. Thanks, Kathleen! I'll definitely check it out! =D