Query #6 Chasing Eternity

GENRE: Adult
WORD COUNT: 77,000

Born in England in 1066, Colin Harcourt becomes an unwilling pawn for the Duke of Normandy during the first Crusades in the Holy Land. While stripping victims of their valuables, an Arab mystic thrusts a mysterious necklace into his hands, rendering the young crusader ageless and immortal—a gift which soon becomes a curse. With endless life, Colin watches his family, wives, and friends grow old and die.

Searching for a way to break the curse Colin joins the British Army in its fight to maintain their control of the Colonies -- a battle he intends to lose. The last thing he wants is to go on living—until he finds himself in the early nineteenth century in the arms of Beth, a woman who melts Colin’s frozen heart and gives him something to live for. But when an accident takes Beth’s life, Colin discovers that time won’t loosen its grip on him. Destined to travel the world alone, he’s too afraid to love again. In the end Colin must decide which curse is worse, immortality or regret.

CHASING ETERNITY is a 77,000-word work of historical fiction, a standalone work with series potential, which will appeal to readers of Peter Hammill’s FOREVER.
I am a member of SCWBI, Springfield Writer’s Guild, Ozark Romance Authors, and Ozark Writer’s League.

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